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Birmingham Team Building Guide Book

There are a wide range of team building opportunities and venues in Birmingham. Unlike common perception, Birmingham is not just a city with conventional tourist delights, but also encompasses places where corporate events and team building activities can be organized well. This highly developed city is always alive and abuzz with activity, and the best part about it, is that in addition to conventional tourists, you also have a number of conferences, seminars, conventions and team events that are organized here for the special corporate tourism segment, from time to time.

Team building venues

Eventurous is a company that specializes in organizing team building and corporate events in Birmingham. These are not just limited to regular conference hall events in hotels, but also include outdoor sporting events for teams, corporate group driving tours, organization of themed parties and conferences based on the specific needs of companies, participation in country sports events, motivational sessions and so on! The best part about Birmingham is that it has truly excellent indoor as well as outdoor venues to carry out the most enthralling and effective team building activities and corporate group events. So whether it is the Anstry Hall in West Midlands, Daventry Hotel in Northamptonshire or the Ettington Park in Warwickshire, there’s no dearth of venues where the most successful corporate events can be organized.

The Wedding Manual

Birmingham is also a great destination for stag groups, and Stag Do Party is a renowned Party Planner that will provide you with the most phenomenal partying experience at Birmingham. The nightlife of Birmingham is one of the best across the UK, and stags groups can truly have an experience of a lifetime here! Always make sure that you choose the right tour organizer or party planner, with relevant experience and expertise in the field so that you are provided with the best options for accommodation, stag party venues, party hosting and transport. The Rectory Bar and Restaurant situated at St Pauls Square for instance, is an excellent place for fun late-night partying or clubbing, and lies in proximity to several good hotels where you can make a reservation. The Old Royal is a great place for corporate groups to unwind and soak in the splendour of the bustling city, after a day filled with corporate events. Places like Gatecrasher and Revolution at Broad Street, of course are truly fantastic!

Indoor Team Building

As far as Indoor Team Building Events are concerned, Birmingham is one of the top destinations not only within Europe, but across the world. The advantages of indoor team building activities are many, right from breaking the ice for new recruits, to fostering team spirit and team synergy for greater employee motivation and therefore channelizing higher work productivity. If this is the first time you are about to organize a team building event or corporate group tour for your colleagues, you can begin by checking out the amazing range of indoor group events organized by Eventurous in Birmingham, that range from fun treasure hunts and cooking challenges, to cooking challenges, make your own movie etc.

Corporate treasure Hunts

Corporate Treasure Hunts are a great hit with teams of all age-groups or work-profiles. So no matter what your industry or niche is, or how old or young your employees are, it’s always a safe bet to organize a treasure hunt as part of a team building programme. Always opt for a pre-written treasure hunt, replete with clues, directions, tasks, maps and answers, rather than just selecting a venue and attempting to put up a treasure hunt, right from the scratch. Believe us, by going in for the former option, you’re going to be saving a lot of time and efforts! Hunt Fun is an agency in Birmingham that specializes in organizing corporate treasure hunts, ranging from hi-tech hunt outs, to scavenger tasks and photo challenges.

Team-building away days

Last but not the least, we must appreciate the value of team building-away days. While such days provide great motivational value and much-needed relaxation, it is equally important to understand that the management would be spending a lot on organizing such events. Therefore, they would expect high value events that would motivate the teams, or groups of employees, and therefore increase the overall productivity of the workforce. Birmingham is the chosen destination for the team building-away days and corporate tours of many UK-based companies because of the vast number of indoor and outdoor team building venues and facilities it offers, in a varying range of budgets. So the next time you need to organize a corporate event, you know where to head to!



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