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Cardiff Booming with Tourism and Team building

Cardiff is one of UKs’ youngest yet one of the most vibrant capital cities. It is home to Wales’ national institutions and a host to innumerable Welsh major events. It’s also the largest city and the most preferred tourist destination, with the number of visitors steadily rising over the years. There are countless factors that led to the growth of Cardiff into vivid tourist destination.

Cardiff: The Base of Welsh Tourism Industry

The economy of Wales is heavily reliant on tourism. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are related to the tourism sector in one way or the other. Cardiff is the most favored hotspot for tourists in Wales, with a turnover of almost 16 million visitors and counting in the recent years. The Wales’ capital alone employs over 27,000 people in the tourism sector. This sector has brought annual Tourism worth 4.2bn to Wales with Cardiff accounting for one quarter of total,Tourism worth 4.2bn.

Why Choose Cardiff as Holiday and Team Building Destination?

Evergreen Beautiful City

Cardiff’s green environment makes it a natural destination for tourists. This is further complemented by a beautiful park that’s strategically located at the heart of the city. The green scehery makes for a serene environment that is perfect for team building, vacations and other recreational activities.

The Home of Sports

The city is gaining popularity in exciting games such as cycling, surfing among others. This Welsh capital is also home to the millennium stadium, which is located at the city centre. Thousands of fans throng in this peaceful city to watch matches hosted in this stadium.

The Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Wales. Housing Welsh history albeit in a small area, this is an all-in-one attraction in the heart of the Wales capital.

There are alot of activities you can engage in while at the Castle. For starters, you can visit the interpretation centre, enjoy the views on the clock tower and explore the Castle museum.

Massive Developments

Before its current status as a tourism hub, Cardiff was an industrial town. This has changed with the redevelopment of Cardiff bay, the Cardiff Castle, construction of Wales National Assembly, BBC Drama Village, The Interpretation Center and The Millennium Center. Some tourists come specifically to see these attractions.

Most of the tourists who have visited this city have described their visit as enjoyable to say the least and almost all of them would recommend it to another person. This is a huge achievement for a city as young as Cardiff. 

Top Attractions in Cardiff

Cardiff bay has the majority of visitors, with an approximated 56% of all tourists. The popular water rafting centre known as Cardiff international white water is also located here. This centre offers canoeing and warm up services for trainers.

The Shopping Centres accounts for about 54% of the tourists while Cardiff Castle attracts about 52% of the local visitors. Interational visitors, on the other hand are more interested in the Castle, accounting for 84% of the total visits from abroad. 

Other Attractions

Llandaff Cathedral is located in the northern side of the city. It is one of the oldest religious sites in Europe. It suffered damage during the World War II, but has since been restored.

Cathays Park is top among the world’s beautiful civic centers. It surrounds the beautiful Alexandria Gardens whose centre houses the Wales National War Memorial. This architectural beauty and calmness boosts Cardiff as a destination for tourist and team building out-door activities.

Besides the landmarks buildings and creations, Cardiff is also home to major museums and galleries that too have played a vital role in boosting tourism in wales.

St Fagans National History Museum is arguably one of UKs favourite attraction site. The open-air museum holds nearly all historical buildings from wales. It sits on a vast ground and is most suitable for traversing by bus.

The National Museum is a great stopover for tourists interested in old paintings, geological exhibitions of Welsh history and other collections of valuable art.

Overseas tourists come from places such as France, Germany and America. Cardiff experiences mild weather throughout the year. However, the most appropriate time for touring this lovely city is late spring and earlier autumn. During these seasons, the weather is perfect, which enables tourists to visit most of the attractions without hiccups. 

Cardiff: The Perfect Team Building Venue

Cardiff is home to numerous, well equipped activity centers, all suitable for teambuilding and other corporate events. Companies have continuously arranged for Team Building Activities at Cardiff International White Water. This is especially so after the recognition of this facility as a center of excellence by different organizations for offering training on skills like leadership and providing for activities such as canoeing.

All these events have seen Wales’ capital blossom into a major city in the UK, full of charm and all brought about by the The Wedding Manual.



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