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Cardiff Booming with Tourism and Team building

Cardiff is one of UKs’ youngest yet one of the most vibrant capital cities. It is home to Wales’ national institutions and a host to innumerable Welsh major events. It’s also the largest city and the most preferred tourist destination, with the number of visitors steadily rising over the years. There are countless factors that led to the growth of Cardiff into vivid tourist destination.

Cardiff: The Base of Welsh Tourism Industry

The economy of Wales is heavily reliant on tourism. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are related to the tourism sector in one way or the other. Cardiff is the most favored hotspot for tourists in Wales, with a turnover of almost 16 million visitors and counting in the recent years. The Wales’ capital alone employs over 27,000 people in the tourism sector. This sector has brought annual Tourism worth 4.2bn to Wales with Cardiff accounting for one quarter of total,Tourism worth 4.2bn. Read More...

Birmingham Team Building Guide Book

There are a wide range of team building opportunities and venues in Birmingham. Unlike common perception, Birmingham is not just a city with conventional tourist delights, but also encompasses places where corporate events and team building activities can be organized well. This highly developed city is always alive and abuzz with activity, and the best part about it, is that in addition to conventional tourists, you also have a number of conferences, seminars, conventions and team events that are organized here for the special corporate tourism segment, from time to time.

Team building venues

Eventurous is a company that specializes in organizing team building and corporate events in Birmingham. These are not just limited to regular conference hall events in hotels, but also include outdoor sporting events for teams, corporate group driving tours, organization of themed parties and conferences based on the specific needs of companies, participation in country sports events, motivational sessions and so on! The best part about Birmingham is that it has truly excellent indoor as well as outdoor venues to carry out the most enthralling and effective team building activities and corporate group events. So whether it is the Anstry Hall in West Midlands, Daventry Hotel in Northamptonshire or the Ettington Park in Warwickshire, there’s no dearth of venues where the most successful corporate events can be organized. Read More...

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